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This first iteration of our Special Finishes Collection is Yellowstone Bourbon finished with toasted oak staves. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure, but with bourbon.
Yellowstone Bourbon isn’t just whiskey. It’s 150+ years of Beam family legacy.

Explore that legacy on the next episode of American Made on November 10th.
“Making bourbon is hard work, but it’s a simple process.” 

Get a detailed look into Limestone Branch Distillery, including how Yellowstone Bourbon is crafted on the next episode of American Made, premiering November 10th.
The first chapter of our Special Finishes Collection is made from finishing Yellowstone Select Bourbon in toasted oak staves to impart notes of walnut and toffee with a tobacco and crisp oak finish.
Innovation and dedication make the Beam family titans within the whiskey industry. When Stephen Beam resurrected a 100-year-old family recipe from a yeast jug, he proved that legacy is in great hands at Limestone Branch Distillery.

Catch this episode of American Made airing November 10th, to hear more of this incredible American story!
A taste of the park, wherever you are.
Yellowstone. It’s closer than you think.
Welcome to the Yellowstone campsite at @tampapigjig 🏕️🥃 We had the best time serving up smoked cocktails, playing yard games and enjoying delicious BBQ. See you next year!
The park can be anywhere, if you look hard enough.
Meet the first of our Special Finishes Collection, Toasted, which is our Yellowstone Select Bourbon finished with High Toast, American Oak Double Toast, High Vanilla, Rickhouse, and Spicerack staves. Coming soon to a store near you.
Stay tuned, there’s some big Yellowstone news on the horizon. Any guesses?